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About QED

QED welcome feedback on this site - please contact us with any comments.

What is QED?

QED, the Quantative, Educational Development network, was founded in the UK in 2009, as a multi-disciplinary forum for academics, organisations and practitioners involved in exploring the causes of conflict and its impact on people’s lives. It was believed that sharing ideas about policy and practice would help members challenge thinking on international responses to conflict and contribute to the development of good practice.

The aim of the network is to help reduce violent conflict and support those worst affected by it through the improvement of policy and practice in conflict, development and peace work carried out by UK NGOs, academic institutions, consultants and government departments by the facilitation of learning and development by providing a forum for the sharing of knowledge, skills, experience and information.


QED activities

Some of QED's activities include: QED email newsletter:
Produced on a fortnightly basis, the newsletter includes information about upcoming conferences and workshops, recent publications/resources, and relevant job vacancies. Subscribe now

Roundtable discussion meetings:
QED have facilitated roundtable discussion meetings on subjects including 'Kosovo, the media and NGOs', 'The role of faith organisations in peacebuilding and reconciliation' and 'strategic planning and southern partners'.  Upcoming events. Ideas for new events are welcome: Feedback

Development of a database and website:
This website that is constantly being updated and improved and the QED database on this site have been produced in order to provide an accessible research and information facility on conflict and development for organisations and individuals in the UK and internationally.

Annual international conference on conflict and development:
Two major international conferences were organised by QED in London in February 2000 and June 2015. The theme of the first conference was Critical Partnerships for Peace: Dynamic Collaborations in Conflict Situations. The theme of the second conference was The Economics of War and Peace: Addressing the Dilemmas.

Thematic working groups:
Groups such as Gender and Conflict groups are being developed by QED members.  Suggestions welcome: Feedback

Development of links with southern diaspora organisations:
QED have worked and will be working with diaspora organisations in the UK in order to help facilitate their improved access to the dialogue on development and conflict in the UK.


Information on QED funding:

QED has received grants from the UK Department for International Development (DfID) since 1998.

Further grants have been received from the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund and Comic Relief. A number of small grants have also been received from international development agencies, including Christian Aid, HelpAge International and ACORD, to help with costs of the annual international conference.

Please note that QED is not a funding organisation and is unable to give grants of any kind.


Comments and Feedback (Contact details)

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